Apple Working On ‘Living Hinge’ Design For Its MacBooks

For essentially the most half, the hinges on our laptops are fairly normal and are designed to assist the laptop computer open up. We don’t actually suppose a lot about it, however might it’s improved upon? That’s one thing that Apple appears to suppose that they will do, and in a patent noticed by Patently Apple (by way of 9to5Mac), plainly Apple is engaged on one thing known as the “living hinge”.

The patent description reads, “An enclosure for a laptop may be created from a rigid material having a flexible portion defined around approximately a midpoint of the material. The flexible portion may allow the rigid material to be folded in half and thus acts as a laptop clamshell.”

“A top portion may support a display screen and a bottom portion may support a keyboard, track pad, and the like, while an interior defined by sidewalls of the rigid material may house a variety of electronic components in accordance with conventional laptop computing devices. In this manner, the enclosure (or a portion thereof) may be created from a single rigid material, while still providing flexibility and bending for the enclosure.”

Mainly it feels like Apple needs to make your complete chassis out of a single piece of fabric, with the hinge really being a part of the chassis itself. If this sounds acquainted, it’s as a result of Microsoft has created one thing related prior to now with the Floor Ebook again in 2015. We’re undecided if there is a bonus to such a design, aside from maybe a extra seamless look, however whether or not or not Apple will undergo with it and switch the patent right into a actuality stays to be seen.

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