Bill Shihara help a family from Kazakhstan (Bittrex)

Bill Shihara help a family from Kazakhstan (Bittrex)

Hello! My name is Sergey.

I am from Kazakhstan.

I need  help from CEO Bill Shihara, I want to speed up its consideration Request #383563. I could not do an expanded verification of account by myself, however I have uploaded the documents by following the rules.


After several failed attempts, I received a message that I have to apply to the technical support. My treatment is being considered about 65 days and I did not receive an answer from specialists. My limit on withdraw money is 0, hence I do not have a possibility to take money without  an expanded verification of account.


I know the process of customer service, because I worked in this industry a couple of years. I know that Bittrex has a lot of treatments from people due to changes of rules. But my family wants to go to abroad for a New Yaer. My children are waiting for this a few months. So the funds to finance of travel are money which were stuck on the stock market of Bittrex.  The trip was planned at the end of December and we bought the tickets.

I hope for your help dear Bill Shihara, and I hope to have a good vacation.

Best regards,

Sergey Mutev.

Thank you in advance!

UPD 25 january 2018 year

After contacting Better Business Bureau. In 24 hours I received a response from Bittrex support. I again turned on the ability to download documents. After downloading the documents, the status on ACCOUNT TYPE ENHANCED changed.

Perhaps the answer from the support of Bittrex and the appeal to the BBB are not related.

Bittrex account type enhanced


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  1. Здравствуйте, Сергей.

    Я столкнулся с подобной ситуацией,
    Хотелось бы у Вас уточнить, Вы получили желаемый результат?
    Вас активировали на бирже битрекс?

    Жду Вашего ответа.
    С Уважением,

  2. Здравствуйте Ринат.
    Извините за долгий ответ, не думал что ко то мне может тут написать ))
    Нет, моя проблема до сих пор не решена. Техподдержка Bittrex не дает ни какого ответа.

  3. Урааа!!! Свершилось чудо и мне дали доступ к моим деньгам..

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