Chrome OS will quickly protect window positions throughout

Chrome OS will quickly protect window positions throughout

Shows when disconnecting and reconnecting an exterior monitor

Back when Chrome OS was initially revealed, individuals would certainly typically disregard it as “just a browser” on a laptop. Fast forward to 2018, as well as while Chrome OS might not have the ability to do each and every single task a full-fledged desktop computer can, it can certainly manage essentially anything an ordinary individual would certainly require. Today, Chrome OS has the ability to run Android apps, job offline, as well as also do boring desktop computer stuff like adjustment the wallpaper.

That dull desktop stuff may appear instead unappealing, yet it also includes a great deal of the little comforts we’ve come to be made use of to. One of those benefits is having the ability to support, and also job effectively with, an outside display screen– and also while you’ll currently have not a problem hooking up an outside display to a Chromebook, the experience can stand to be boosted.

Shows when disconnecting and reconnecting an exterior monitor

The Chrome OS group has been doing precisely that, and starting with the Dev Network, Chrome OS will currently remember home window positions throughout display screens when disconnecting as well as reconnecting an external monitor. If you’ve ever used an external display screen on a COMPUTER before, the actions is most likely acquainted to you given that Windows handles window positioning the same way.

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To describe how this works a little better, visualize you were utilizing an exterior monitor and had window A on your Chromebook’s display screen and window B on the outside display. Detaching the display would certainly move both home windows onto the Chromebook display, but now reconnecting the display will relocate home window B back to the exterior display screen while keeping home window A where it is.

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