Clear the queue postfix

Postfix stores mails in a queue before sending it. Sometimes you wish to remove the mails from the queue but wonder how. Postfix has a command line called postsuper which can be used to delete unsent mails from the queue. To list all mails in the queue. By issuing the command: mailq

postsuper -d mailID – removal by id message

postsuper -d ALL – remove all message

postsuper -d ALL deferred – remove all deferred message

service postfix stop – stop services postfix

service postfix start – start services postfix


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  1. Thanks ) Really useful for users )
    Good mail )

  2. “Postfix stores mails in a queue before sending it” it’s a great option as for me

  3. To say the truth I have a little problem with “postsuper -d mailID”/ Woll try once more.

  4. Yes, Temasha, I had a problem with it also. Try to use anather browse)

  5. I didn’t have any problems. I think it’s great thing for removing the mails from the queue.

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