Management a Swarm of RC Autos with ESP8266

Over at RCgroups, consumer [Cesco] has shared a really attention-grabbing mission which makes use of the ever-popular ESP8266 as each a transmitter and receiver for RC automobiles. Apparently, this code makes use of the ESP-Now protocol, which permits units to create a mesh community with out the overhead of full-blown WiFi. In keeping with the Espressif documentation, this mode is akin to the low-power 2.4GHz communication utilized in wi-fi mice and keyboards, and is designed particularly for persistent, peer-to-peer connectivity.

Switching an ESP8266 between being a transmitter or receiver is as simple as commenting out a line within the supply code and reflashing the firmware. One transmitter (known as the server within the supply code) can command eight receiving ESP8266s concurrently. [Cesco] particularly makes use of the instance of long-range plane flying in formation; solely popping out of the mesh community when it’s time to manually land each.

[Cesco] has accomplished experiments utilizing each land and…

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