Convert virtual machine from vmware to hyper-v

Description of the convert process

Task: convert virtual machine from vmware to hyper-v

Will use Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 Beta.

Run VMM Console

1. Connecting hosts the hypervizor, look instruction add host VMM

2. Move into inset Tenants, unfold Create Virtual Machines and press Convert Virtual Machine

Press browse, to select virtual machine (VM)

Select the desired VM and press OK

Press Next

Assign new name Virtual Machine

Assign the minimum resources VM (CPU, Memory)

To choose which host will convert. Is our case, the choice is not great, but it is estimated VMM is not bad :)

Choose a location for the disks VM

Choose necessary virtual commutators (in our case, we choose Not connected, because do not need a network connection to VM)

Just press next

Check configuration is correct, and click create

In the Job, you can see how this process is executed

After complition, we see our VM already is hypervisor hyper-v

Start the virtual machine

Nou you can turn off the physical machine and run a virtual machine

Good luck!


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