HP Omen X Laptop first impressions: The Best Gaming Laptop HP has on offer

Due to crypto currency mining, PC gaming hardware is mostly expensive. If you want to  build your own gaming PC, we suggest you wait for the price of hardware to drop. However, if you are considering a gaming laptop and are looking for the best money can buy, then there is a contender for you to consider. The HP Omen X laptop is everything you need from a top of the line gaming laptop in a very handsome looking package. It has the latest gaming mobile CPU, a GTX 1080 GPU, G-Sync display, RGB lighting, mechanical keyboard and looks to give any other laptop a run for their money. I had the chance to take a look at the laptop at the launch event and I was lucky enough to play The Witcher 3 on it and these are my first impressions of the machine.


Everything looks good with RGB lighting

HP has upped the design game in the last couple of years. The HP Spectre was a beautiful looking laptop and that premium design language has been passed on to other HP products as well….

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