I Need a Laptop for a 10th Grader

When it comes time to buy a computer for your child, we have some advice. Don’t spend too much money on a system they’ll outgrow or possibly drop, but buy something that’s appropriate for their age.

Reader splunge wants to buy a new laptop for their son, who is in 10th grade. Splunge writes:


“I’m looking for a laptop for my son. His Toshiba Chromebook has had charger problems and he wants to upgrade to a Windows machine. He mainly uses Google Docs for school work, plans to stream video and possibly some low-demanding applications.


Portability and durability are priorities – he’s accustomed to a 13.5″ screen (I believe). Hard drive doesn’t need to be large, speed is nice but doesn’t need to be top of the line and integrated graphics is probably adequate. Battery life is nice, but he usually keeps it plugged in at home and doesn’t run it during classes in high school.”


Wow, that Toshiba Chromebook is a blast from the past, since Toshiba stopped…

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