Lenovo’s Next Moto Mod Could Be A VR Headset

It seems that Lenovo’s Moto Mods program is still going on strong, despite the fact that the concept of modular phones doesn’t seem to be catching on. For the most part, Moto Mods have attached to Motorola phones, but it appears that the next Moto Mod could be worn on your face in the form of a virtual reality (VR) headset.

This is according to a leaked render posted by Evan Blass in which he shared images of what appears to be a VR headset for Motorola-brand smartphones. We suppose in a way this is still attached to the handset, and it appears to function similar to Samsung’s Gear VR or Google’s Cardboard VR headsets, where there will be a holder for your smartphone which will be used to display VR content.

This Moto Mod shouldn’t be too surprising especially when you consider the fact that last year, Lenovo launched a 360-degree camera mod, so we suppose a VR headset isn’t…

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