MoNGoL – Author and owner of the site

MoNGoL – Author and owner of the site

Mongol autor ddslook.comHello! My name is Sergey.

I was born in Kyrgyzstan. Up to 33 years lived in Kazakhstan. Now I live in Argentina in Mar Del Plata. I have a big family, a wife and three children. For many years I have been working in IT. The last few years I work remotely on the Internet. Engaged in SEO and I do sites on WordPress. My pseudonym in the network of: “MoNGoL“. Portal my first site in English. I do not speak English well. With the help of the site, I want to raise the level of English. I understand my texts are of very poor quality. But over time the level of the text will increase. Do not judge me strictly and my friend Bot ))
I like to work with my hands, I try to photograph and describe all my works. Here are my old blog entries, they are in Russian, but there are a lot of my photos. Maybe someone will be interested.
This is the only page on the site where you can leave comments. If you have a desire, write. I’m ready to listen to you.

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