Russian Billionaire Abramovich Intercepted Drone From Droneworks Studios Co-Founder

If you haven’t heard of Roman Abramovich, he’s a Russian billionaire who owns the Chelsea Football Club and is the primary owner of private investment company Millhouse LLC. If you have heard of him, chances are you’re well-aware of his Bond-villain image, complemented by the fact that he owns the second largest luxury yacht in the world. Well, last week, the co-founder of Droneworks Studios, Justin Oakes, reportedly had a close encounter with Abramovich’s private counter-drone system used to protect the yacht which Abramovich named “Eclipse.”

According to the DroneDJ blog, Oakes spotted the billionaire’s yacht while vacationing in the Caribbean and decided to pilot his DJI Phantom drone toward it. Suddenly, Oakes lost complete control of the UAV for several minutes, with his controller’s screen shutting off and the drone continuing to fly, whether on its own or according to a nearby anti-drone system’s commands. For someone as high-value of a person as Abramovich in…

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