Clear the queue postfix

Postfix stores mails in a queue before sending it. Sometimes you wish to remove the mails from the queue but wonder how. Postfix has a command line called postsuper which can be used to delete unsent mails from the queue. To list all mails in the queue. By issuing the command: mailq

postsuper -d mailID — removal by id message

postsuper -d ALL — remove all message

postsuper -d ALL deferred — remove all deferred message

service postfix stop — stop services postfix

service postfix start — start services postfix


Disable IMAPS and POPS for the iredmail

All clients are forced to use IMAPS and POPS for better security by default. If you want use POP3/IMAP, please update below two parameters in dovecot.conf and restart Dovecot service

nano /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf



/etc/init.d/dovecot restart

Again, it’s strongly recommended to use only POP3S/IMAPS for better security.

Debian 6.0 + iredmail

Данное руководство поможет настроить почтовый сервер 
Debian 6.0 + iredmail
Потребовалось описать поднятие «бесплатного» почтового сервера. Был выбран дистрибутивIredmail и операционная система Debian
(можно любой другой Linux дистрибутив).  (далее…)