These gargantuan ‘headphones’ massage your ears

Today in Kickstarter oddness, meet Nirvana, an oversized headphone-looking wearable that is actually meant for ear acupressure. The cups contain several round pins, which move in and out to massage your ear and, the company claims, stimulate your vagus nerve for anxiety relief and better sleep.

The wearable appears to have few controls on it. There’s a button to mechanically move the top pad up and down to adjust fit, volume control (though there’s no mention of why this is there and what it controls the volume of), a power button, and a way to choose between its four different modes: stress, anxiety and fatigue, managing cortisol levels, and promoting better sleep. The idea is that through the pins massaging different points of your ear, your vagus nerve will be stimulated leading to any number of positive health benefits. (It’s worth noting that the vagus nerve can be naturally stimulated simply via deep breathing and yoga.)

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