Nowadays the most amazing and not yet appreciated technology is Virtual Reality.

Of course, the technology is very extensive and affects many scope of activity, where it is possible to use this. But we will talk just about the VR Headsets of different manufacturers for game and entertainment.

This page includes the information about VR Headset, which constantly is updated from around the world. The most interesting games and urgent Review, the various proposals of online store, which help to choose the most appropriate price and technical features of device. Website is trying to collect the most useful and current information for you, dear readers! The main achieve of our website is to create the searching and choosing of VR Headsets so quickly, convenient and useful.


The history of the appearance of VR Headsets

The first system of Virtual Reality was created in 1962, during the time when Morton Heiling shown the first prototype of a multi-sensor simulator. He named this “Sensorama”. Sensorama immersed the spectators into virtual reality with help of short movies, which were accompanied by smells, wind (with a hair dryer) and the noise of city with audio recording.

In 1967, Ivan Sutherland described and constructed the first Virtual Reality Headset, consequently the image was generated by means of a computer. VR Headset gave a possibility to change the pictures according to the movements of the head (visual feedback).   

In the 1980s, VPL Research developed more contemporary equipment for virtual reality – EyePhone glasses and the DataGlove glove. The company was created Jaron Lanier- talented inventor, who enrolled in University at the age of 13. This man, who created the term “Virtual Reality”.

sega genesis vr

In 1993, the company Sega developed console Genesis. However, all ended in demonstrations and provisional shows. The games of Sega VR accompanied by headaches and nausea, thus the device was ban on the sale.  The high price, poor technical equipment and spillover effects forced people to put aside about VR technologies.

The real boom started only in 2012. The 1st of August, 2012, the little-known start-up Oculus activated on the platform Kickstarter the campaign to raise funds for the release of a helmet of virtual reality. The developers promised to users to having “full immersion effect” due to the using of displays with a permission of 640 by 800 pixels for each eye.

In the first four hours the necessary 250 thousand dollars were collected.  After 3,5 years, the 6th of January 2015 were starting pre-sale of the first helmet of virtual reality Oculus Rift CV1. The release of the product was one of the most anticipated things. The first batch of helmets were sold out in 14 minutes.

This was a symbolic beginning of the VR-technology boom and explosive growth of investments in this industry. From 2015 the technologies of virtual reality became the new technological breakthrough. Nowadays this market takes a large volume among different gadgets and devices. 2-3 years ago the choice of devices was very small, however today we have a plenty of suggestions. Thereby, you should read reviews and compilations about VR Headsets, also, to buy what is the best for you.

VR Headsets Review

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How to make the VR Headset?

Almost, we do not have people who did not hear about Virtual Reality. Nowadays the markets have the opportunity to use the screen of smartphone which diagonal is 4-5 like the screen VR Headsets, these are Samsung Gear VR  or famous Google Cardboard. Although, recently people sent much money on this. In those times, when the glasses of Virtual Reality were exist just in the movies, in life to allow themselves could only wealthy enthusiasts.

The materials

For the production shell of helmet do not need the expensive and hard-to-reach components. All of these details can be found at home, to buy at a nearby store or online shop.

how to make a vr headset

Carton. The carton has to be dense and thin. The minimum size of sheet is 8.66 × 22 inches.

Lenses. It is the most difficult detail in the whole system. The optimal lenses are lenses with a focal length.

Magnets. One magnet which has a ring shape+ one ceramic magnet which has a disk shape.

Rubber. The smartphone which is located inside the helmet is fixed with rubber. The minimum length is 3 inches.

Also, for the creating of the helmet you need ancillary tools: ruler, glue, scissors, box cutter.

Final make VR Headset

News about VR Headsets

Disadvantages of VR Headsets

When we want to talk about mobile VR, we are talking about a bunch of smartphone + Virtual Reality Headset. The most technologically and expensive cell in this bundle is a smartphone, which means that a large part of the lack of the mobile VR are projected onto it. If we want to create the list of the main disadvantages, which are the reasons of discomfort, it will be overheating, not enough productivity, a short period of life of the battery and poor quality of tracking.

However, nowadays the smartphones are more powerful than PC, nobody will deny, that their performance for VR cannot compete with the stationary old brothers. This is a powerful argument from the point of view of user experience, because this has an impact the consumer’s decision to buying. When the person will see the models of poor quality he will say “I can’t believe it” and it will be a disappointment. Each disappointment will be supported by word of mouth and distract the moment when the existence of VR-Headsets will be everywhere.  

What is the most uncomfortable thing in the stationary VR Headset? That is right- this is wire. The thick cable with HDMI and USB should be a length for free movement in space, also it should be thick, protecting the wires from damage. The cable is an important source of discomfort, which restricts the movements, gets underfoot and creates a whole niche for accessories to organize the wires. The mobile VR Headsets do not have these problems, because of they do not need the cables for connecting to computer, because they have the name – mobile.

Disadvantages of vr headsets

One of the criteria of the quality VR-soft is the comfortable feeling of presence and absence of “motion sickness”, when the brain do not ready to believe in that picture, which give you the VR-helmet. Developers want to create “so good”, though this is “so good” imposes the limitations of performance on the hardware. In the case of insufficient power of equipment, the delays will rise by drawing graphics, consequently, the reaction time of program will start to increase or the games for users action. This fact is the reason of discomfort.

The connection of VR-Headset requires several (up to 5) free USB 3.0 ports for connecting components, and also to involve all the wires. The setting for Room-scale (the script for VR, where you can move around the room) for HTC Vive requires the correct placement of sensors on the walls of the room, calibration and subsequent settings of helmet. Oculus Rift for the similar script demands the purchase of additional beacon and the connecting this to another USB-port.

How to use VR headset?

In fact, VR Headsets are docking stations for a smartphone that allow you to use any apps that is adapted to VR from video on Youtube in 360 degree format to the movies and the games. If you want to use VR Headsets, first of all, you need to download the necessary apps from App Store or Google Play. Then, you have to fix the smartphone inside a helmet. When you  turn on the necessary app you have to close a  helmet cover, to fix secure around the head and set up the focal length for the lens in order for the picture becomes as clear as possible.

The connecting a virtual reality helmet to your PC

  1. 1. The cable of power supply is connected to port on the communication module and then inserts the opposite end into an electrical plug in order to turn on the communication module.
  2. 2. You should insert the cable HDMI to port HDMI on the communication module and then you have to insert the opposite end into a port HDMI on the graphical card of PC.
  3. 3. The cable USB is inserted into a port USB on the communication module and then the opposite end has to be inserting into the port USB of PC.
  4. 4. The cables of VR Headset 3 in 1 (HDMI, USB and power cable) should connect to orange connector on the communication module.
  5. 5. In order to fix secure the communication module in one position, you should take off the protective tape from the mounting space and tightly connect one side of the sticky surface to the underside of the communication module, then you have to fix the communication module on the place of installation.
How to use-vr headset?

TOP Virtual Reality Headsets

Today the industry of VR-technologies can represent a great deal of interesting models of VR-helmets. The most famous are Samsung, HTC and Oculus which have the leading position, however we have some new fascinating products.

Nowadays, we have the other high-technology companies and start-ups. Hence, the glasses of Virtual Reality become available and include the new possibilities.  We have created the list of several VR-helmet 2018, which will have a high demand for a year. All models are separated into 2 groups: for connecting to PC or just connecting to smartphone.



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VR Analytics for a 2020 year
John Doe

John Doe

Product Analyst

The market of virtual and supplemented reality will highly grow up at least until 2022

According to statements of IDC analysts that in 2019 the global spending on supplemented and virtual reality will achieve $ 20.4 billion, which is 68.8% more than it will be spent on this year.
In general, the analysts predict the strong growth of market at least until 2022. During the period from 2017 to 2022, the average annual growth will be 69.6%. The main power of the market is the commercial segment. It will account for 64.5% of all expenses in the next year and more than 80% in 2022.

The next year it will be $ 20.4 billion

The list of retail space, which will spend on AR and VR includes personal and consumer services (approximately $ 1.6 billion), the retail (roughly 1.56 billion dollars) and the single production (nearly 1.54 billion dollars).

Likewise, the analysts allocate the number of sectors, the average annual growth rate which will exceed 100%. These are state and local governments, the raw materials and wholesale business. Moreover, the consumer industry will be characterized by low average annual growth rates (about 36.6%), however at the same time its share in the next year will achieve $ 7.2 billion in expenditures. The largest section of consumer industry will be VR games – $ 4 billion, as well we have to pay our attention on the video content and AR-games.

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